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NewAgeMompreneurs- A community nurturing Mompreneurs and their businesses.

NAM brings together Mompreneurs from varied fields, binding them into a close-knit community, with the purpose of helping them achieve their business goals and aspirations. The community also provides a thriving platform for business networking and promotion of the Mompreneurs’ products and services.

As a community, we strongly believe that moms understand each other best and are programmed to provide support to help each other grow in their enterprises. Each mompreneur is aware of the struggle involved in juggling home, kids and work, making them ideal to provide support to other moms facing similar challenges. NAM not just provides mompreneurs with a non-judgmental support system, it also is an excellent platform for sustained business growth.

Key Statistics

  • Started on 1 October 2020 by Ankita Gupta (A mompreneur and twins mommy)
  • Currently has over 200 + members from over 35 diverse business sectors
  • Over 3K followers on Instagram
  • An inclusive community with moms aged between 25-50+ years
  • So far, the community has successfully organised over 20 meet-ups and three exhibitions

Who are we?

  • A networking platform for like-minded business moms
  • A diverse group based out of Delhi/NCR (with few members in outstation locations)
  • Catering to Middle to Upper income groups
  • Entrepreneurs looking for flexible career options alongside home and kids

Who can become a member?

  • Mothers from all walks of life (This a moms’ only community)
  • Involved in a venture or company in either an individual or a partnership capacity (Some stake is essential in the business venture)
  • In case of big corporates, senior business development leaders can also join the community for business networking

Membership benefits

Intangible benefits

  • Recognition of business products and services
  • A sense of identity
  • Strong community support

Tangible benefits

One-time benefits
  • Dedicated blog on the mompreneur and her business journey, written by a mommy blogger
  • Dedicated Member’s page on the NAM website
  • Members gallery/showcase features available to each member. This acts as a mini website and links are shared by fellow mompreneurs while referring each other. Additional features can be added for a nominal fee.
On-going benefits
  • Access to our NewAgeMompreneurs social media community and two days available each week to showcase your products /services.
  • Access to our members’ directory
  • Featured posts on our Instagram page
  • Ongoing exclusive discounts by members for fellow members
  • Special charges for Sunday promotion on South Delhi Play dates group
  • Business referrals from members and shout-outs on social media pages
  • Promotions allowed on the Facebook group Delhi Mums & Dads once a month
  • Opportunity to participate in our monthly meet ups for networking
  • Opportunity to participate in our exhibitions to showcase the products and services
  • Tracking of leads and referrals (currently under development)

Procedure to join the community

Referral by the existing member: There is a direct entry into the community on the referral of an existing member. In case of any concerns, the decision of the administrator will be final.

No existing reference: The membership will be approved by the core team after doing through background checks. Samples of the products may be asked for to verify the quality.

Types of meet up

There is usually one meet-up in the month. We have following kind of meet-ups:
  • Showcase Meet-up: This meet-up is strictly for business networking and has a specific format to be followed. You are required to showcase your products and services and each member gets one minute to do so. The members are encouraged to bring samples and props.
  • Social Meet-up: These meet-ups are casual in nature meant for bonding and getting to know each other better in an informal setting.
  • Workshops/Training/Expert Talks: These meet-ups are designed specifically to provide training or a particular skill set to the members. We sometimes also call an expert for a talk or discussion on a particular topic

Membership Fees

Rs 6000 per member per year (This is applicable for one group or business).

Rs7500 for 2 members per year (This is applicable for one group or business- only one login will be created on the website for both the members)

Founder’s Note:

Ankita Gupta

“Behind every successful woman is a supportive tribe who has her back and she has theirs” - Themogulmom  

Being a mom isn’t easy. You are handling so many jobs at the same time and when you decide to pursue your own venture, there is another layer of stress, work and mental load added to it. It breaks my heart when a talented mompreneur stops her work just due to lack of opportunities or support. I strongly believe that given the right support system each mompreneur has the ability to succeed.  

Through the NewAgeMompreneurs community, I want to provide a platform to mompreneurs to pursue and grow their venture, without the fear of criticism and judgement. Our community brings together talented moms who have a great passion towards their business and are willing to join us with an open mind to support fellow moms. It doesn’t matter what level you are at professionally; we encourage start-ups as well as established businesses. The core motto of NAM is to provide unconditional support and constructive criticism with the aim of improving each other’s businesses.  

Being is a strong supporter of community building and leadership, I am passionate about the fact that the world will be a beautiful place to live in, when women support other women.

Apart from NAM, the other communities, I have founded and co-founded are   

- 3G (900+ participants): Aims to assist, support, help and make comfortable, women who move to India from overseas.  

- South Delhi Playdate (over 400 members) The primary focus of this community is to schedule playdates, facilitating the social development and interactive skills among young children.  

- Delhi Mums & Dads (over 2000 members) A platform which facilitates debate and discussion on a wide variety of issues from parenting to reading recommendations to generic advice.